images Technique to Try: Mindfulness of Breathing

  • Sit with you back straight and eyes closed.
  • Begin with a gentle inhale. Hold your breath for a moment and then release the breath in a slow exhale. Do this 3 times then focus your awareness so that you feel yourself breathing, being as attentive as you can.
  • What does it feel life to inhale? What does it feel like to exhale? Try not to control your breathing, instead practice letting go of control.
  • The quality we want to cultivate is that of undivided attention to conscious experience you happen to be in.
  • Experience the feeling of the energy in your body, the overall sensation of you.
  • Give yourself your own undivided attention.

These technique options are to give you different things to try so that you can find something that words well. Consistency is excellent but meditation is a practice and trying out different techniques on different days can give you a different perspective and create space for an ah-ha!