What is a super duper happy life?


A Super Duper Happy Life is a way to orient, a compass to live by, a direction to keep focus, a way to steady and stay committed to the journey, the path of your own creation.

The idea behind leading a Super Duper Happy Life came from my son, B. Since B was 3 years old, he and I check in every night before bed and I always ask him some variation of two questions:
Is there anything I could do better?
What are you grateful for?
Since then, his answers are always the same:
Be super duper happy and You.
Cute, huh? Well, more than a cute little thing we do, this is a magical practice. For, you see, B has duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare genetic degenerative disease that will limit his life. So being super duper happy is, at times, a tall order. Especially in the time right after we found out, the prospect of being super duper happy seemed impossible. But, with this small daily action, a shift occurred. A tiny drop of sweet intention trickled into the aquifer and now there is a deep source from which to draw.

This is an organic resource where I write, process and share from my own experience.
This is my blue print, my map.
The way in which I lead my own life.

My hope is that through your own daily actions, your own daily drops of sweet intention and consistency, you will be able to build the life of your dreams, your own Super Duper Happy Life.

Blessings on your Path.
With Love,