I am not what you might call a typical yoga practitioner. I’m short, fairly stocky, and carry a wee bit of weight around my mid-section. If you’ve see the Hobbit movie, my body type would be dwarf :-). That said, I’ve been practicing yoga on-and-off for five years. Yoga has been a support for a martial arts practice that’s included aikido and tai chi chuan. I’ve tried different classes, styles, practices, and environments. Private sessions with Kat has reinvigorated my practice and helped me continue a consistent, daily practice at home. Kat's encouragement and attention to ensuring my alignment is proper has kept me going! 
– Damian Syrnyk, City Planner

I love Kat’s calm, honest, open and real approach to life and yoga. Her pace is full and strong, but also gentle. I like that every class is the same but different – a new way to do something here, a different flow there. I also love the way she combines the spiritual aspects of yoga into our asanas in little ways – like a reading, a little kind massage, an angel card or candle or concept of focus. In fact, I appreciate her approach so much that I have followed her to 3 different studios.
-Barb Largent, MD

Kat is one of those people in your life that when you meet them you know that they are destined to live their life authentically.  She consistently looks for the flow of the river of spirit and then immerses herself.  She is creative, honest, forthright and kind.  She is the kind of person and teacher that you want to be close to, watching her develop her talents throughout her lifespan.
-Beth Patterson, Spiritual Director, Chaplin

Kat is an amazing yoga instructor. I leave my private sessions with her feeling renewed, alive, and happy. She is patient and giving with all levels and bodies. She never makes me feel less than for being different. She has an energy of acceptance and her love for yoga exudes from her.
-Danielle Watson, adaptive athlete

Steadfastly is Kat a connector of spirits and seeker of courageous hearts.  Her ceaseless ventures and reaches within the human soul–and practice of bestowing boons found–demand presence and authenticity from those in her company.  She is quick . . . and waits not for anything but one’s deepest truth.  A model of influence and regard she is.  Bless her right actions.
– Matthew Bade, artist

Working with Kat is a journey. She is one of the most present teachers I have ever worked with. It has been beautiful to watch her grow as a mother and to see this maturity influence her work as a teacher. Kat brings a sense of humor as well as a sense of adventure to each project she delves into.
-Jenni Peskin, singer, yoga teacher, Tedx speaker

“I love Kat! Her yoga teaching is inspired and grounded. She is a bright light in a wonderful community that is blessed to have her as a teacher and leader. We’ve also collaborated together on a few yoga and music ventures and she is a pleasure to work with. I think of Kat and I say, WONDERFUL!”
-Steve Gold, musician

As a yoga teacher born and raised in a small village near New Delhi, Yoga is a way of life for me.  Having taken Kat Seltzer’s classes, I can say truly from my heart that she is an amazing teacher.  She instills kindness, devotion, awareness, and a genuine concern for others, which is apparent from the moment you first meet her.  Her classes are well-rounded and both mentally and physically challenging, and you can see immediately that she humbly serves her students.  I am honored to recommend Kat Seltzer without reservation and with full support.  She has a kind and genuine heart, and any student she teaches will come away feeling happier, lighter, and healthier after her class.
-Pradeep Teotia, international yoga instructor, San Francisco, CA