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Alternative Blueberry Muffins

Alternative Blueberry Muffins


Nothing gets me serious about eating like nursing a child. I am hungry all the time, like all the time. I wanted to make something that would get more nutrients into myself and my 2 year old. Brendan and I had a lot of fun making these the other morning and Owen ate really well that day too. They are tasty, healthy and nourishing.

Seed Mix: In a food processor, 1 parts each sunflower, almond, 2 parts each gogi berry, flax seed.


Laugh. IMG_2113Look at the colors.



IMG_2148Process again.


Try not to get flax seeds in your eye.


Decantor IMG_2114

Muffin mix: Add seed mix.


Add blueberries.


Add kale, because kale is king.


Add a 2 year old. IMG_2125





Can't wait until they've cooled.


[wpvideo iWvgxcv0]

Day 5: 30 Day Mediation Challenge

Day 5: 30 Day Mediation Challenge


UnknownHere is a lovely audio instruction from my beloved Sally Kempton. Meditation Instructions - Sally Kempton

I absolutely love love Sally's book Meditation for the Love It - there are so many wonderful instructions and stories to keep you motivated to meditate. Try not to view meditation as a chore, but a sacred time to be with yourself, your True Self, Highest Self, Essential Self, God, your Ishvara. Let today's practice be filled with love. Love yourself the way you would love your beloved, a precious child, your darling cat and/or puppy dog, the trees. Take this time to really enjoy the sensation of Love emanating and expanding throughout your practice and your day.

Happy Meditating!

Day 4: 30 Day Mediation Challenge

Day 4: 30 Day Mediation Challenge


IMG_4566_640 Technique to Try: Heart Breathing

  • Lie on your back with your eyes closed and your hands on your heart. Begin breathing and fill your chest with your breath - feel your sternum expand with each breath. Do this for a few minutes.
  • Then let your breathing to flow in and out naturally, effortlessly with your doing anything - just keep your awareness in the center of your chest where you hands are -feel what you feel.
  • As you practice, let each breath remind your to stay centered and present in the now. When your attention strays, notice, and bring it back to the feeling-awareness of the ever-changing sensations in your check. Don't think about the breath, simply experience what's actually there to be experienced. We are shifting from thinking mode to feeling mode.
  • Do this for 10 minutes.