habit_graph2Why would you consider a 30 day meditation challenge? A few reasons:

  • According to one study, it takes between 18 and 254 days to form a habit and the folks at Google say it takes about 21 days. It is different for everyone. The point is, it takes time to create the neuro-pathways for change.
  • It's not easy. So there lies dormant as sense of accomplishment. Setting goals + meeting goals = positive feeling.
  • Other people are doing it too. You are not alone. You can connect with, support and be supported by other 30-day challengers.
  • Meditation is one big key to unlocking 'higher' levels of consciousness and evolution. Does that seem weird or un-relatable to you? Well, here's some science. We have the limbic brain, the "reptilian" brain - responsible for flight/fight and circadian rhythm - your auto-pilot and we have the pre-frontal cortex responsible for conscious thought - human beings' most incredible gift. Meditation helps to get you off auto-pilot and become fully engaged - which allows for your big brain to serve the highest good.
  • It's peaceful and relaxing.
  • It's physically possible for all. I'm not sure a 30 days plank or handstand challenge is, but sitting on my bottom everyday and breathing? Sounds like a vacation.

And the most convincing reason? You will find out on day 31!