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I Love: Rosebud Salve

IMG_2733 IMG_2741 IMG_2742I have been using the original Rosebud Salve since I first discovered it at the Kripalu store, when I was there volunteering in 2005. I have loved it ever since. I received a beautiful tin of their new Rose and Mandarin Lip Balm (thanks Linda!) in the mail the other day and I may just never use anything else again, ever. When I find something I love, I stick to it. I have some super strong brand loyalty tendencies. This, I love.

Morning Routine

IMG_2158Good Morning!

IMG_2159Make bed later.

IMG_2160Brendan's been up for a while.

IMG_2166IMG_2163Chicken, Piggy, and Frog want to shower too.

IMG_2168Light a candle.

IMG_2169Hi Owen!

IMG_2170 Hi Brendan!




Heat some water. Slice up a lemon and add it to a big glass of warm water. Sip until its gone.

IMG_2180 IMG_2181Meanwhile Make oatmeal. 2/3 cups, let soak for at least 10 minutes. You can also do this the night before, but who as the foresight, really?

IMG_2184Feed the LOVE jar.

IMG_2185 IMG_2186While the oatmeal is soaking, make eggs. Heat butter over medium-high heat - use a lot. Crack two eggs. Let cook for 2 minutes, then turn down the heat. After about 5 minutes, flip. This technique takes about 7-8 minutes for the eggs to be ready, but they taste like eggs from heaven. Slow cooking seems to have that effect, yes?

IMG_2192 [wpvideo 3sqtdMgU] Add seed mix, ghee and/or coconut oil, and turmeric. Bring to a boil. Cover. Turn the heat to low and let cook for 20-30 minutes.

IMG_2198 IMG_2199Love on the boys.

IMG_2201 IMG_2206IMG_2209Honor the sacred in your home.

IMG_2208Make the bed. Ah, better.


Week 4: 30 Day Meditation Challenge

Week 4: 30 Day Meditation Challenge


IMG_1848Try smiling during your meditation practice this week and share you experience :-)

If we are not happy, if we are not peaceful, we can not share peace and happiness with others, even those we love, those who live under the same roof. If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace... Smiling means that we are ourselves, that we have sovereignty over ourselves, that we are not drowned into forgetfulness. This kind of smile can be seen on the faces of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

-Being Peace, Thich Nhat Hanh


Week 2: 30 Day Meditation Challenge

Week 2: 30 Day Meditation Challenge


fallOur challenge is almost half complete so here's a little reflection. Well, first, I have been on Facebook and the internet too much and I am about to go offline for at least a week. The stillness and spaciousness in my mind is outpouring to get me offline, but has fueled my wanting to connect with people face-to-face. My relationship with Nate reached a lovely balance point, calm, happy, loving (our relationship is always some level of these qualities, but it feels different in a really excellent way). My emotions have calmed. It feels like after the first several days of deep meditation and internal work, there is now a rhythm and eb and flow with the internal Presence of who I am. I love to listen and be guided into meditation by a teacher, whether live or on or via a book or an inspirational article on Facebook. But, I am also enjoying the easy place meditation has in my life. I am enjoying the quiet.

I am eager to hear your reflections … when I get back online next week.

Love, Kat


Day 10: 30 Day Meditation Challenge

Day 10: 30 Day Meditation Challenge


Get outside today!

IMG_3391_640 Sensitivity grows through use, and the way to become more sensitive is by exercising your senses. Today, go for a walk in nature and be as sensitive as possible. Hear your footsteps on the ground, feel you feet as you walk, listen to the various and ever-changing sounds in your environment, be aware of what you are seeing, look at everything, breathe, and savor the fragrance of the air. Be sensitivity and aware every way you can. Then carry that sensitivity with you during the day. Practice shifting from thinking mode to feeling-sensing mode.

Meditation is not just the act of siting motionless in silence. Because really when does that ever happen? Meditation is also about being sensitive and aware of the quality of the world around you. You can bring just as much attention, maybe more, to your outer world in meditation as your inner world. Notice the similarities and differences in this type of meditation practice.

Blessings of Peace, Kat