Yoga, which means "union" helps join body and mind in a way that reconnects us with our needs and fosters total wellness ... Numerous studies have show that yoga measurably affects the nervous, musculoskeletal, circulatory, and endocrine systems of the body. -Yoga Journal We can use specific postures to take charge of our health and well being and we can heal what ails us by tapping into our body's wisdom.

Join me for yoga classes that specifically help to heal common health problems. Each class will focus on one specific ailment. No experience necessary.

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -Computer Vision Syndrome -Insomnia -Common Cold -Headache -Stress -Back Pain -Depression

Classes will take place on Tuesday evenings 7:15-8:15pm at Mandala. $15 per session with pre-registration. More information, including dates, will be available soon.