NewBegin new things. Be spontaneous.

Cresent Gather information. Implement plans.

1st Quarter Confrontation. Address problems. Lay foundations.

Gibbous Make adjustments. Refinement.

Full Fulfillment, unveiling. Revealing.

Dissemination Social, sharing and understanding.

Last Quarter Let go.

Balsamic Rest, reflect.

I find that by paying attention to the moon and the natural rhythms of our planet, I find a easier flow for my daily life. Each new and full moon, I take a (non-essentail) technology free day, give my body and home a deep clean, take in an intentional yoga practice, spend extra time connecting with those I love most in person, and I make a special meal at home for my family. I also teach a special class at the studio around these times and set deep intentions for myself, my life, and my business. I would like to encourage you to either join me at the studio or consider joining me energetically during these times. We are more powerful together.

Here is a link so that you know when the "Moon Days" are.

Deep Love to all, Kat