I often ask myself the question, " What inspires me?" Sometimes the answer comes quickly .. this tends to happen when I've been well fed, I have taken care of myself and have done my yoga asana practice, but sometimes the answer reveals itself slowly, as if unraveling its self from the tangle of over-complication that can be my reality. The tangled web of over-complication is a wake up call to simplify - to delicately remove the tiny fabrics of inspiration nestled into my daily life. If I were to simply these things into 5, they would be: 1. slow down and breath 2. list 10 things I'm grateful for (these 10 usually snowball into 20-30 easily) 3. gaze or go outside and feel what ever Central Oregon has to offer 4. take a minute or 15 to care for myself 5. love

Today, I would like you to please think of 5 things that inspire you and share them with me.

In Gratitude and with Deep Love, Kat