My yoga teacher today said, sometimes getting on your mat is daunting, but you show and breathe - so this is what I did today. Being pregnant is beautiful, amazing, incredible and ... it has changed - at least temporarily the way I am in my body. My body's main purpose right now is to grow the child in my womb and all my needs, everything I'm currently experiencing, is in support of this mission. For me, it feels strange narrowing my focus down so much, having to readjust and rearrange and ... show up and breathe. Show up and breathe - isn't that the whole point of a yoga practice anyway?Show up and breathe and pay attention and watch and listen and learn about yourself - to see where you are connecting and disconnecting from yourself, your friends and family, your community, the Divine. Show up and breathe and be a present to and as accepting of what is as possible, without judgement and with love.  My body as always been my experiential vehicle and now it is so much more - it belongs to another being as well and I must remember that .. and show up and breathe.