Overwhelmed isn't exactly how I feel, it's more like "whelmed" .. is that a word? because that is how I feel. I gave up most of my class in the beginning of April in order to provide more space for my growing belly. However, all of April I have been recovering from a cough that let to some very intense back pain. All of April, I have worked hard to let go and it has not been easy. I am someone who is used to functioning at a pretty high level. Yoga has kept me healthy and vibrant for many years. Since becoming pregnant, things have changed. My body's chief job now is to grow a child! For me, this has been an inspirational experience. Each day, my body changes and my baby grows and moves. My nesting instincts are strong and my house seems to be cleaner than it has been over the last two year of running Mandala Yoga Community. I am looking for balance - ordinarily I work hard in one area at a time and over time it all balances out, but now I'm looking for balance everyday and taking one day at a time. I hope to see you on Friday, May 13 for Vasudeva - I think this may be my last pre-birth class so come - let us play and move and be inspired together.

Love All Ways,