Nate and I are expecting our first child, a boy we plan on naming Brendan Arthur, this July. In order to prepare for this life changing event and supreme expression of Shakti, I am releasing my public classes at the end of March. (Ryan Re will be teaching Lunch Hour Flow Tues/Thurs and Shanan Kelley will be teaching Lunar Flow Wed at 6:30pm.) Pregnancy has been a dramatic shift for me - not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in terms of priorities. I will be taking this time to recommit to my personal yoga practice and my practice of self-care. The Mother energy is becoming stronger in me as I tune in deeply and listen to her call. Words like nurture, care, honor, love, softness, sweetness, simplicity are clearly written on my heart. I have begun to release the dynamic flow that I have been cultivating since my early years of the practice and have begun to surrender to the introspective, Shanti-inspired and deeply nurturing flow of the Lunar (deeply feminine and intuitive) side of the practice. I have begun to let go of the outward strength of a powerful vinyasa practice in favor of the inner strength I feel called to cultivate.

What does this mean for you dear student-friend?

It means that I will continue to serve you through my teaching in the form of deeper practices, workshops, retreat and teacher training.

I will be focusing my attention and energy on: -The deeply transformative Vasudeva ritual (2nd Fridays 7-9pm) -Therapeutic Yoga co-taught with Laura Cooper, PT (Tuesdays 3:30-5pm - in 3 week series) -Living Yoga Teacher Training (Fall, 2011 - Oct 1-30) + Retreates (Haramara - Suyalita, Mexico - May 26-June 1, 2012) + Workshops + Transformative 2-hour Prana Flow classes

So, I invite you to share this "last" week with me at the studio (Tues/Thur - noon & Wed - 6:30pm) and participate in 4 2-hour practices (Mar 24-27) (Thurs 7-9pm, Friday 7-9pm, Saturday 8:30-10:30am, Sunday 4:30-6:30pm).

And join Shanan Kelley and I next month for an Urban Detox (in town) Retreat. (April 29-May 1). Click here for details.

I will miss my weekly classes with you, but I hope that you will stay connected and join me in the future.

I am available for questions, etc. Just reach out :-)

With Deep Love All Ways,