The American yoga world needs more connection to the elemental raw energy of nature in order to manifest the creative force. The sanskrit word is sahaja, a spontaneous realization of the divine flow ... (We) recognize how important it is to dance if you are a human being on "the path" and how every movement can flow as yoga. How do we introduce people to the external flow of dance vs. the internal practice of yoga? .. We can by pass the mind and talk directly to our cells .. the core energy of cells is not biased. The cells are born dancing and they need help. They want to be happy and literally have freedom to dance in the body. Coax the cells to dance. It works every time. When you grow up in the West, you have to learn how to devour the root of your own inhibitions and two thousand years of conditioning. We can all be translators or poets of the non-verbalized world of movement, the one language everyone shares ... This is the understanding.