Saturday June 5th, Kat will be teaching a fluid vinyasa class to the beautiful live melodies and music of Steve Gold & Anne-Emilie Gold which will be followed by an inspirational night of singing & stories.

“I am so honored to have the opportunity to follow in the foot steps of truly incredible visionary teachers like Shiva Rea & Saul David Raye and teach to this soulful and very moving music played live. It is a rare honor and I intend to bring myself fully to this class. It would be even more of an honor to have you there.” -Kat

Saturday June 5

6-7:30pm all levels fluid vinyasa yoga with Kat Seltzer accompanied by Steve & Anne-Emilie Gold 8-10pm Kirtan with Steve Gold & friends class: drop-in rate + $5-$10 donation kirtan: $15 in advance, $20 day of. Everyone is welcome!

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ABOUT STEVE GOLD: Steve Gold is a singer, songwriter and yogi who composes original songs that are a blend of American blues, Sanskrit mantras, with Western pop and folk melodies. His music has become a soundtrack for yoga classes since the release of the widely acclaimed CD, So Much Magnificence. His distinctively rich vocal timbre and his engaging enthusiasm encourages the listener’s heart to open. Steve and his wife Anne-Émilie travel the world offering their gifts of heart melting harmonies. For more information and to listen to the music please visit Steve’s official website

“I have witnessed rivers of tears flow from people listening to Steve Gold’s version of this incredible praise of the ocean” says Shiva Rae about the song So Much Magnificence.

Magnificence is ‘pure gold.’ Steve Gold is a down to earth, soulful being who creates powerfully positive music that heals, connects and inspires. These healing vibrations come straight from the heart, and weave a sacred space for yoga, healing or being. I have had the pleasure of welcoming Steve and Anne-Émilie into my class and sharing music with them. The effects are miraculous, people all over the world are responding to this music. I whole-heartedly embrace and recommend this sacred music.” Saul David Raye, yogi, healer, activist

“Steve Gold and Anne-Emilie … shine forth clearly as conductors of prana, seeking the note that brings the whole group together in song.” Lorin Roche, Ph.D., Author, The Radiance Heart Sutras

Beautiful ones, seriously – don’t miss this!

You Can Sign Up By Clicking Here.