• ACTION on top 3

  • MOVEMENT (to sweat - 30min)





create before consume mindset + journal + action: “Create before consume” is a phrase I hear from Ange Peters and it’s a concept that resonates with me so deeply and feeds my actions. I have spent lots of time consuming inspiration - my feed is full of beautiful inspiring friends and people, but what started to happen is that I went there and took from there and then gave that. I didn’t give from my deep well of wisdom and experience - I didn’t give from myself, my heart, my unique soul. So I spend time in silence and I journal and I listen and give from there. It’s so much more satisfying, the work is hard and good, but the more I do that, the more it flows. Just like everyone, I have my own energetic signature. No one in the world can give what I can give, no one in the world can do what I do. Gone is the question of “good enough” or “valuable”, because when I offer what is true and authentically me, everything is changed. When I focus on what I can give, share, offer; when I focus on the question of what will be valuable to another person, what might uplift or encourage, what will serve, my writing, offering, living changes for the better. The energy moves from what can I get to what can I give - and everyone benefits! I think that this kind of action, being YOU deeply, authentically, essentially, truly you - is the best thing you can do for the world. Discovering who that is comes from consistent, deep listening .. and the courage to mine the depths of your being. (More on that another day!)

10min clean up + movement: the 10 min clean up is key to keep the energy clean and flowing in our home. Things can reach tornado level quickly with 4 males. It's so managable to set the timer for 10 min and focus completely on pick up/clean up. Never underestimate what you can accomplish in ten minutes time with complete focus. I consider restoring order my magic power. I must say, that I have spent some considerable time feeling resentment and out right rage in regards to the state of the house. Now, I see it as an amazing task I accomplish everyday. No one in our home prefers a mess; and no one in our home wants perfection (well, there is a part of me that still wants perfection, but I've tasked this part of myself to these 10 minutes of clean up and that part of me is thrilled!) I love a clean house - I love how it feels to have things put away, counter tops free of crumbs, floors sweeped and a gentle, loving kind, benevolent energy running through our home. The 10 min clean up - I dare you.

Since I'm already moving and focused, its pretty seamless to transition into movement. I have some things downloaded on my task list and I just play a video, or put on yoga glo (though I like to save this for days that aren't as busy because energy shifts from active to stable on the mat), or simply put on my running shoes and literally run out the door, down the street (maybe take a loop around over the to prairie trails) and then over to school to pick up Owen.  [side note: we have choosen to live in a smaller town and we were lucky enough to find and purchase a house close to both school and work - we don't have long commutes and this affords us the option of running or biking instead of driving.]

smoothie: unless I’m really wanting eggs (usually around my cycle), this is breakfast. I started doing this when I went through Cate Stillman’s Body Thrive Program a few years back and really automated it this year. Automation is so freeing. If you are a bit of a rebel with habits, remember that automation = freedom - the guess work, the thinking, the should I have this? or this? ruminating - gone. The smoothie is little different each day .. I don’t use a measuring cup, but it’s consistent and that is the key. Once the habit is automated your body will tell you. It’s like we are downloading instructions and the body executes. The alternative would be say, wait until you are starving, find anything edible, revert to old habits (cereal, like when you were a child for example), then your blood sugar crashes, you get cranky, and your repeat that throughout the day. Make it easy to be healthy and you will be. That voice that says (whiny toddler voice) … I don wanna will quiet with your consistent action.

pick up O + snack & connect
Running to get Owen is fun. We walk, run, or ride bikes home. I make him a snack and if I haven't had my smoothie yet, I drink it here. I enjoy this time connecting with my almost 5 year old and keep all distractions out of eye site so that I can focus my attention on him, so that he feels seen, loved, and appreciated. I always ask him at least one open-ended question (more on that in a different post).  

screen time: O loves his screen time, loooves. He’s probably the most consistent person in our household and has his routines pretty clearly laid out for himself. Almost immediately after snack and usually with his mouth full he’s running down the stairs to the den. So instead of fight over screen time (You know what I’m talking about!) we do it together. 30 min. Never underestimate what you can accomplish with 30 min of clear focus. He gets his screen time and I get it done - and leave what I don’t get done until the next day. There are exceptions for sure and I can be admittedly lax especially when the words are flowing and the inspiration is high, but that limit really helps focus my energy and helps me make that time super efficient.

lunch + dinner prep: N usually comes home at lunch with is a huge blessing to be able to see him in the middle of the day. The 3 of us can sit down to a good hot meal together. Since I’m in the kitchen, I batch my tasks I get the boys snacks + next day lunches and dinner prepped or in the crock pot so that dinner time can be a peaceful and potent time to connect.