I can easily list all the ways in which getting started with doTERRA and investing in a monthy wellness order has impacted my life, perhaps I will (in another post). But first, I want to talk about the ways in which the Monthly Wellness Order can benefit you.

The first is time.
A pretty purple box shows up on your doorstep. If you want to do something like “maximize the energy you have to make decisions in your life”, this action saves you a ton of time because you have a source to order from for the majority of your self + health care products each month. No more running or shopping around. As a mom of two boys, this was huge. When I actually looked into it, I saw all the leaks and sealed them up quickly with my monthly Loyalty Rewards Order. Sure you can do a lot with the amazon app, but besides the 3-5% cash back I get for using a amazon credit card, Amazon is not rewarding me.

So, second, rewards.
doTERRA rewards you for being committed to a healthy life.

Start with a customer account, choose your collection, shop your own store at 25% off - access for a whole year - you don't have to order monthly - you can opt in whenever you want, you can customize the box that shows up with whatever you want + shipping costs come back in points .. and you only need to order one thing per month to receive points. You don’t have to commit to something bigger or get things your don’t really want or need. You are in complete control. You own your own online store.

Take a minute and be honest about what you are spending and how long it's taking you to gather it all up ... and then ask, am I getting any rewards back for doing this?

After your first year of ordering, you lock in 30% back on every single order + you get your shipping back in points.

Here is an example of short list of items you could add to your customizable wellness box.

Life Long Vitality supplements - we order every other month

PB assist Jr + A2Z

PB assist probiotic

Terrazyme - supports digestive + absorption ability, with kids if they are having anything showing up on their skin, eats up the yeasts

Mito2max - clean energy cycles in the body, supports mitoconcrodia (no caffiene)

Deep blue polyphenels - Frankincense gum resin extract + curminodes, grapeseed extract - polypenols give produce it's color

Natural spa line: 1-2 on ewg, super clean
body butter, body scrub, mud masks, hair care, etc.
Balance deodorant
Lip balm

On Guard: provides gentle exposure to immune support throughout the day
Toothpaste + mouthwash (cheaper than health food store, dentist impressed) - helps to reminialize teeth, protective, whitening
On guard throat drops, santizier, detergent - very concentrated

+ Oils!!

Product of the month = 125pv before the 15th

+ Gifts
+ accessories (teachers gifts)

It just replaces so many products that you are already buying. It takes all the decision fatigue out, its super convenient, you are complete control of you, you can get 30% back + shipping cost come back in points, you can cancel anytime, buy one item or 30 AND you are investing in your self and partnering with a company that is ethical, sustainable, caring, and committed to all the things that you in your heart are committed to.

Click here for more info on the LRP.
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