The Super Duper Happy Life is not about having a La-de-da, care-free existence. No. It is about making the choice again and again, again and again to choose Joy, to choose Happy in the face of a world that will tear you down and make your mind so small and dark that all you can see is your own pain and suffering.

I believe that we have free will - we have a choice, not always easy and most times unbelievably difficult, as to how we respond to what life offers us. I have spent years, probably decades in fear of the critical voice that has said - you just aren’t good enough. I have, though my teacher has cautioned me against using ‘war’ language, battled this voice on the mat, on the cushion, in the mirror and in the faces of those I love the most.

Now, I simple don’t let that fear rule me any longer.

I wish that I could say that I came to this change in thinking, in being with hard work, dedication and conscious awareness and perhaps that is a big part, but the truer truth is that it took Heartbreak. … Oh English, you simple language, you - your words don’t have the power to portray depth of emotion.

[side note about emotion: we humans experience life if different ways - and thank the Creator that for; some cry, some scream, some go numb, some lash out, some internalize, some avoid, some keep busy, some do all of that, some of us have had that part broken or traumaztized out of of us, but humans feel - its our birthright, its our gifting and a powerful part of being human.]

My experience is not a prescription, and its not meant to inspire. It is what happend from my perspective, and I share it with you because I must. If it helps you find your way, its not my doing. Non-the-less, I give you this from my heart.

It took everything and future that many parents take for granted.

We, I, found out that B had DMD.
We felt the Heartbreak.
We set about healing.
We set about re-prioritizing for clarity.
We set about choosing to live our lives with integrity.

For me, the phrase Super Duper Happy Life is a talisman. It has special, … it has Magical Powers.
A Super Duper Happy Life takes consistency and a growth mind-set temperred with acceptance and a recognition of limitation; potency within boundaries and the tiniest offerings of self, drops in the Ocean, in service of a better world. It has as much to do with conservation and it does with improvement. Because in the pursuit of improvement, we humans have done irreparable damage and its is time, I believe to stop. Reconsider the direction we want to go and then do that, everyday.

I believe in Us. I believe in You. And I believ in Me.