photo by Beth Kirby and a recipe for vegan(izable) chocolate trufflesThe blog is gorgeous, blogger Beth Kirby's writing in poetic, image invoking and inspiring in a sort of exotic i-can-see-your-dreams kind of a way. I'll be checking this one out on a regular basis for sure. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and got all the ingredients to make the truffles. Beth describes them as  "sensual pleasures that are good for you, that build you up, are basically the holy grail of pleasures...Old power. Deep roots that tend on down. These are bites that taste of the way the world is stitched. They taste like good karma, like floating in the milky way." That is beautiful. I'm so excited to try them out!

Butter Dishes Collective: Buttermilk-Cultured Butter + Creme Fraiche-Cultured Butter + Creme Fraiche Butter A131122 FW Gastronaut March 2014

In February's Food and Wine magazine (thanks Casey for the subscription!), I came across a receipt for cultered butter that I'd really like to try. It seems easy enough - famous last words. I'll show you what happened when I do.


Portland Apothecary I really love the word "apothecary" but this site is clean, beautiful and really makes me want to spend time outside wildcrafting and mixing healing herbs. I've been enjoying and getting inspiration from the beauty of the site. The products are expertly formulated and I would be proud to display in my own kitchen apothecary (which is still in a box in the garage from our move, pity).

Cour-Damoye-630x405-C-OTCP-Amelie-Dupont-184-13ah Paris I get really excited about fashion exactly two times per year, once in the fall with New York Fashion week and once in the Spring with Paris Fashion Week. I love Paris in the Springtime, don't you?

photo by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop. Adorable! Art for the nursery/little kids room.

More next week. I'm really enjoying collecting!