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Shanan Kelley is the creator of The Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley and Magnificent Guests that she produces with a team of awesome, creative, dedicated and very funny people. Shanan is a dear friend of mine and I am honored to share an email interview I had with her. Shanan is incredible!  Read about some of her favorite things and how she conceived The Night Light Show. I'm also super stoked that she has an Indiegogo campaign so that we can support her courageous creative efforts. Because we all need more of this in our lives, yes?

KS: Hi Shanan! I love you, you are one of my favorite people ever! We've been friends since you walked up the stairs to MYC with your big black sun glasses on - like a movie star, or someone from rain-drenched Seattle unaccustomed to sunny central OR.

KS: What do you love most right now? SK: This is a tough question for me because I love so much...but I guess top of the list is my sweet doggie, being outside, and my friends. And my show...yes, of course the show! It's very lovable.

KS: What excites you? SK: The thought of knowing what my dreams are and then putting all effort towards achieving them.

KS: What is your favorite movie? SK: This is tough too...lots of good movies out there. The Fountain, anything funny, it's too hard to pick just one.

KS: What is your favorite book? SK: Whichever one I'm reading at the moment. Ok, that isn't true. Tina Fey's Bossypants is my favorite and should be required reading for all American citizens.

KS: What music do you love? SK: I am loving Phantagrams right now. I love the Santogold Pandora station. Mos Def, Jay Z, The Roots. I love Feist and always will.

KS: Where do you find inspiration? SK: Outside, on my yoga mat, and when I'm with my friends. Reading, laughing, and when coming out of a "dark spell..."

KS: How and where did you conceive the Night Light Show? SK: Hmmmm, the idea had been rattling around inside me for a while. But, it really came together during October art walk. We were at a party celebrating Micah and Esme's love the night before their wedding at Tin Pan Theater, and I just got super inspired. In the 48 hours that followed the show became very clear to me so Micah and I picked a date and that was that. :)

KS: What is really really really important for you? SK: That I take care of myself.

KS: Are you in love? SK: Yes, with my life.

KS: How does your yoga practice play out in your life? What do you love about yoga? SK: Every moment it plays out! When I need breath, in letting go, in finding another perspective. It is the thing that makes me the best at being me. I love that it enhances my health. I love that it has made me a better friend and lover and student. I love how many people it helps. I love the conversations I have about it. And I love that I get to play a role in how it develops as an industry and legitimate profession in the states.

The Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley and Magnificent guests happens live tonight at Tin Pan Theatre in Bend.