What did I discover about inconspicuous patience over the last few weeks? Personally, that I don't have a lot of it! But, was I able to see momentary workings of patience. Yes. What I noticed was that the act of patience never came in straight moments of peace, stillness, quietness, but with the moments of chaos like letting Brendan climb all over me at the table while he's reaching for his cup of milk that we put out of reach so he wouldn't spill and then cleaning up the inevitable spill while listening and responding to Nate ask questions and share about his recent trip to Fred Meyer, all while trying to write about patience. The urge to yell ... Stop! just to get a moment back to myself to do what I moments earlier set out to do was great, but it was in that moment that I also found patience. The true test of patience is in these moments: child crying, dog getting a flea bath, husband talking, food cooking, dishes doing, chatter, chatter, chatter. We are constantly bombarded, yes? We are we not also constantly given opportunities? Patience is our ability to be with it, to ride the current with peaceful joy and Grace again and again until at one moment we feel the gift that Patience brings - Peace, Pleasure and then do it again.

May you find the peace that comes from being patience. May you always trust.