I'm not really a writer. What I am is one who is interested in things; one way I deepen what I am interested in is to write about it. If I had a video camera, I would film it, but for now it will have to be writing. I love to see beauty - simple, authentic, maybe even a bit messy and imperfect,  beauty. I am beginning, and maybe I have know for a long time, to see that yoga is really not about what happens on the mat, it is, but more so about what happens when I step off that mat, that is the most interesting. How can I practice yoga while at work (my other job is has me bringing food to happy people), or in the kitchen making dinner for my family or lunch for myself, or while weeding or feeding the chickens, or walking or driving or writing? How can I practice yoga while watching shows and eating pizza? These are the questions to live into (as Rilke says) and live into I will.

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