IMG_1746 IMG_1930IMG_1933 Um, yeah, probably the most important thing a student of yoga .. or life can to for themselves. Self-care includes practices like daily yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, plus eating whole foods that are preferably organic and/or local, drinking water especially spring water, getting outside, as well as things like self ahbyanga, neti, rising with the sun, scraping your tounge, brushing your teeth, hot showers/bathing, sauna, steam, takes herbs, receiving bodywork, acupuncture, chiropractic work, caring for your skin & hair & nails, plus journaling, processing & releasing ... I could go on, but without these practices, we have the potential of running the risk of getting overwhelmed by our own evolution. These practices are like the savasana of our life, they are essential for integration & soaking in the benefits of being alive. Here is are a few simple steps that you can incorporate daily: 1. rise with the sun 2. drink a glass of water (drink lots throughout the day) 3. scrape your tounge 4. brush your teeth 5. cleanse your nasal passages with a netti pot 6. massage your skin with a dosha appropriate oil 7. shower 8. meditate 9. practice yoga 10. say a prayer of gratitude

and .. get some rest!