I think modern western medicine, surgery in particular is super cool. They put you to sleep and four hours later they wake you up and everything that they did in there goes well .. but then there's recovery - which is the state I've found myself in right now. It feel woosie and dizzy and I haven't left my bed for more than a few minutes in almost 48 hours. My nose is clear which is incredible - I'm very excited to dive more deeply into pranayama!, but its also full of dried blood. I have also been watching the CW tv network online and visiting sites like westelm.com and restorative hardware. I have also managed to do some tweeting, email blast/website updates and blogging. Trying to live my practice from my bed and online ... is amusing me. I look forward to being back on the mat soon, but for now, I'm here .. resting. BTW Thank you Dr. Gallavan and everyone who treating me so well at St. Charles and VIM .. and Nate, my sweetheart, thank you, and everyone who has sent their prayers, love and support - I am so grateful. Love, Kat