Lately, I am feeling honored and humbled. The studio has been open for 7 months now. Our schedule is still continuously changing, I still have a problem with getting the teachers paychecks correct and we still average 2 students per class - which means at this point the studio only makes about $1600 a month. Our overhead expenses are more than that. So I am humbled by this reality. On the other hand, teaching is a joy - I love having you come to my classes and I love hearing your stories and where you are. I am encouraged and inspired by the refinement I have seen in everyone's practices - thank you for your dedication, for this a feel honored. I have heard it said that humility in one of the final stages of a dissolved ego. It is a willingness to accept your own inadequacy .. which opens you up to asking .. opens you to grace. Pride keeps one separated and isolated. Humility brings us closer together. So, don't let pride (aka fear) get in the way of your evolution.

I am honored to share this practice with you. Please continue to burn brightly and keep showing up!

Peace, Kat