In the lastest Yoga Journal, which I was reading last night after the Art Walk, there is an article about incorporating live music into Yoga classes. " ...where there is no musician, no yogi - where we all disappear into a common from of breath and movement .. a deeply inspiring relationship ... sound touches someone and (we're) really able to receive."

You are my student-friends, so I know that you know how big a part music plays in our classes together. I was so thrilled to read this article, especially since I get the opportunity to offer this type of experience to you now on Friday nights! Hot Happy Hour is an hour long class with Lucius Wheeler (a DJ and rockin' percussionist) providing the rhythms. The 2nd Friday of each month (that this coming Friday!) will be an extended Rhythmic Flow class with Lucius, Matt Bade, Emily Lewis, and an intermix of Colin Tinsdale and Peter Lear (and before he left Bend for grad school - Andrew Godlstein) offering us their sounds to move to.

I am really excited about this class ... and I hope you will be too.

"Before Zoloft, before Paxil, before St. John's Wort, before Freud or Jung, there was rhythm ... it was how we healed ourselves ..." -Micheline Berry, yoga teacher, Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, Venice CA

Hot Happy Hour | Friday 6:00-7:00pm 1st Friday | no class 2nd Friday | Extended Rhythmic Flow class 6:00-7:45pm We'll have a potluck after this class, so please bring something to share, we have a fridge and microwave in the kitchen at the loft.