Two resources for Full Moon alignment: and

It is becoming increasingly important to me to align myself with the natural rhythm of life. Seasons, Moons, the flow of day to night.

Tuesday I begin to put into practice classes to this end. Monthly New and Full Moon classes + Seasonal Resets.

According to those that know, this Full Moon will be in Sagittarius. For those not astrologically inclined this can seen at best "woo woo" and "out there" and at worst, offensive on some level. To this, I allow judgements to move through and resist an urge to defend because at the heart of it is a desire to simply live my best life in alignment with my core values; which include living in beneficial and collaborative relationship. My soul longs for connection and I often find it through Nature and natural rhythms and flow. I believe that we are not separate but connected to each other in ways we will never truly comprehend. I believe the coming together intentionally to share ideas, work through shadow aspects and limitations, and ultimately bravely connect to each other is what brings healing. I believe in consistent realignment to ensure balance. I believe that we are aware and powerful in our ability to course-correct and to make choices in service of happiness and truth. 

Below are some notes for Tuesday's Candle-lit Full Moon Class in the Blue Lotus Room as well as a more in-depth exploration than I can cover within the boundaries of our time together.

But first, in the spirit of full disclosure, I work through Jill Wintersteen's monthly Spirit Daughter workbooks in perpetration for these classes; and I source many of the practices and ideas from there. I do my own work with them and concentrate on what resonates with me before bringing them to you in my unique way. I am grateful for Jill's permission to do so. I am limited in knowledge of astrology and Jill's resources and knowledge base is vast in practice and experience. "Full Moon in Sagittarius", for example, works so well as a concept and structure to work within. 

"The Full Moon represents the peak of the Lunar Cycle."
"The Full Moon is a time to gather with others."
"The Full Moon is time to forgive."
"It is a magical time when we have the chance to transmute energies within and form new patterns of balance and alignment."

Sagittarius is The Wanderer. Qualities of this sign are manifest in wandering, gathering knowledge and experience to learn, evolve and expand. Acting as student, then as teacher with no distinction between and seeking to connect the world. 

"The Sagittarius Full Moon is a time for us to see new truths in our world and rewrite old stories."
Now is an excellent time to explore patterns and limiting beliefs, then make even subtle shifts to change perspective. Now is also a time to allow instinct and intuition to lead the way. Be curious ad listen to what feels right. 

Intentionally created space: I love to create atmosphere and I am thoughtful in this regard. I sincerely want to create and hold space for the possibility of magic. I will ask you to leave your mat at the threshold and then welcome you in when everything is set. This is important to me and it creates a sense of sacred space. I will clear and cleanse the space and you. This is a sweet ritual that involves smudging or burning herbs (like sage or sweetgrass) to symbolically clear, cleanse, and bless your experience. I learned how to do this from my friends in Oregon. Regardless of your background, this is a gentle and very sweet practice acting as a shift from outside to inside. Place your flower, herb or oil on the altar. We will start by way of introductions. Then we move into meditation and yoga practice following by writing practice and sharing. We'll close our space and put all of our offerings into a big bowl of epsom salt for the creation of Full Moon bath salts to take home to further your Full Moon self-care. 

Some questions to get you thinking ...

"Judgements stem from our natural ability to discern, an important skill in our evolution. Natural discernment escalates into a judgment when it becomes inflexible, full of assumptions and carrying expectations. Judging closes the door to learning and paradoxically makes us feel self-conscious and inferior .. .. Judging is simply a habit we most likely learned at a young age. Like any habit, it takes time to break .. .. As you go through the practices, commit to building awareness of your own judgments. (Consider committing a month to this.) The result: the energy of confidence, open mindedness, genuine curiosity and acceptance of others and yourself .. You will become .. more compassionate and energized."
AWARENESS: Write 5 common judgements you form about yourself and 5 your form about others.
ASSUMPTIONS/ROOT: Write down the underlying assumption in your judgment to find its root. 
CONSEQUENCES: Look at the consequences. Fill in the blank .. When I judge ...        I feel ..        
REFRAME/REWRITE: What stories and truths can you rewrite? Compassion helps here.
ACCEPTANCE: What compassionate truths can you integrate that alleviate the need to judge? Over the course of the next few days, turn your 5 judgments into gratitude.
INTENTION + MANTRA: Write 5 intentions that support you embracing your power and letting go of the need to prove you are right. Now, create a mantra for yourself to support you when judgements come up. Can you cut off judgments before they have a chance to affect your behavior?

I think that though these concepts and ideas aren't new, this may pull some of us out of our comfort zones - this is true for me, but in order to grow we must make room for inevitable discomfort. The result, should we trust the process, is magical. 

Though discomfort is part, I want you to know that I am happy to answer questions before or after the class so that you are ready and that you feel safe. 

As always, I am here for you.