I don't care about what is said about this class or about me.
I care about you.
I care about your health. Your wellness.
I am here to create and hold space for you - so you have time and space for yourself.
I want you to function well. I want this for all of us. 

When I am depleted. And you are depleted. We have nothing to give, nothing to share (save our own suffering).
When I am full. And you are full. We have everything. We exchange ideas and laughter and love and joy and we can weather our suffering and grow from it.

This is why I am here, everyday that I have the privilege to wake up with my capabilities, my abilities; I am here to remember this. To work towards this.  To use my tools ... To partner with my allies. To partner with my medicine. Consistently. Daily.  

May we all find space today. May what we do, give us Life.