These words have a deep meaning to me. They are words that resonate and speak a truth that I often don't, they were written by this woman I'm grateful that the internet exists. 

I’ve learned that until I had a child with a “terminal disease” that what I thought were only tears soaking into my carpet floor are actually prayers soaking into Heaven. That my deep cries and desperate groans that often feel pointless and unbearable actually turn out to be the language Abba knows best. What I’m trying to say is that I’m grateful for a God that doesn’t need me to always scream out to Him with an eloquent, put-together, poetic prayer. That in my moments of complete brokenness, He continues to bottle up each tear and then promises to always wipe it away... What loyal love... To never allow one moment of suffering to go unnoticed. Being this boy’s mama is one of the greatest privileges of my life.

May I remember that I can make my life a Garden of Prayer and Offering of Love, Devotion, and Joy and that my suffering is simply water for those seeds.