Here is a quick personal update. 
We have moved into a home that is more suitable to our changing needs.
B changed schools and we are so grateful to Traeger School for incredible support.
O started pre-K and misses his brother.
So grateful for my family and to the sellers/buyers for the easeful transition and seamless home sale/purchase. So grateful for friends who helped with the move. So grateful for our church for meals. So grateful for calls, cards, donations, and gifts from friends - thank you for your generosity. So grateful for all the doterra oils. So grateful for my yoga teacher for the mentorship, gifts, texts and conversations. So grateful for health care givers, surgery and recovery (now I can smell those amazing oils), primary care, insurance and on going support.
So grateful for my husband as we begin our 10th year together. 
So grateful for my boys - beyond grateful to be your mama.

May my gratitude be felt in classes this month.
Please join me for ongoing Flow + Restore classes at YMCA 20th St. and Downtown YMCA
This month classes will have an intentional focus:
gentle, internal self-care to restore, revive, and return via movement, breath, and stillness.

Class Schedule