Traditionally, Coq of Vin is made from the older birds of the farm flock as they are less tender. Which is perfect when using wild game. Classic french cooking is genius because it takes the more undesirable or less tender cuts of meat, etc. (case in point snails) and magically transforms them into something incredibly delicious. We liked this meal so much, we made it twice in the same week. Bon Appetite! IMG_2371Brine 1 cup salt to 1 cup water. You can use chicken, duck or in our case fresh wild game birds shot by my brother. IMG_2377Rinse off the brine and dry the beautiful birds. Give thanks for their nourishing energy. IMG_2359Heat up 2+ tbs butter and 2 tbs olive oil. IMG_2382 IMG_2379Brown birds - about 3min on each side over medium-high heat. Remove pieces from pan. IMG_2361Mince an onion. IMG_2362Thinly slice 4 cloves of garlic. IMG_2368Slice some bacon into 1/8 inch pieces. IMG_2388Add bacon to pan and let fat begin to render. IMG_2394Add onions and let them become translucent. You can add more butter. In fact, I recommend it.  IMG_2385If you feel bad about adding more butter, pour yourself a glass of wine it will help to impair your judgement and you won't worry about it. IMG_2398 IMG_2402Add about half a bottle of white wine. Remember only cook with wine you'd enjoy in a glass. Bring to a boil. Lower heat to a  simmer cover and let be for 15-20min. This is just enough time to make rice or quinoa to go with it. IMG_2408Uncover and add as much cream as you think reasonable. Let cook uncovered on low heat for 10min. I added kale and asparagus. IMG_2411 IMG_2417Dish, garnish with fresh parsley or any lovely herb, serve and enjoy! Here is the original recipe: