Today in Lunch Hour Flow, we conclude our last day of a month long exploration of dharma or purpose, with the assistance of the book The 4 Desires by Rod Stryker. Rod lays out the importance of creating a Dharma Code - "your soul's driving reason for being" ... This is something we must uncover in ourselves, according to the Vedas, this has been hardwired in us since the beginning of time. And by uncovering it and connecting to our "life's purpose, we gather the forces of Nature in the same way a seed does when it starts to germinate." To help discover our Dharma Code, we can ask ourselves, "What values, principles, or deep sense of purpose do you want your life to have exemplified?"

Here I have laid out an exercise, modified from the book, to help create a Dharma Code.

Step 1 Imagine yourself celebrating a significant birthday near the end of your life ... what would you like look like if you lived "mightily" - if you invested all of yourself?

Step 2 Then imagine 4 individuals who might pay tribute to all of you have accomplished. They will talk about: things your overcame (internal & external), patterns, life lessons, philsophy, values, relationships and accomplishments. Each speaking on the topic of each desire, dharma, artha, kama, and moksha.

Dharma How do you contribute to the world? What actions/intentions contributed the most meaning? What were the results of following your heart? How did you life ripple out and benefit others? Artha What does success look like? What state of health and other means do you have? Kama How do your actions/thoughts bring joy? How do you celebrate life? What role does art, Nature, play, the things of senses, family, etc. play in your life? Moksha How would you describe your spiritual evolution - freedom, fearlessness, awareness, closeness to God? How have you achieved freedom from anger, grief, insecurity, anxiety, etc. How comfortable are you will yourself and your Creator.

Write in the voice of 4 different people - one for each area. Have each describe each area as if you lived your best possible life? Write for 15min - 1 hour in each area.

Step 3 Read through, reflect and highlight words/phrases that are compelling to you?

Step 4 Which words/phrases are most compelling? Which words express vital thems? Which words energize you? Which do you genuinely aspire to?  Circle these and write them all down.

Your dharma code must be evocative, it must speak to you, motivate you, compel and inspire you. It must be strong enough to compel you through fear and doubt.

From the circled words, create your dharma code in present tense. Your dharma code must be clear and practical, a call to act, a source of guidance, a guide to meet challenges.

For more on this, please check out the book, The 4 Desires, by Rod Stryker (