"One aspect of our fragmentation is the gaps between sectors of our cities and neighborhoods: business, schools, social service organizations, churches, government operate mostly in their own worlds each piece is working hard on its own purpose, but parallel effort added together does not make a community. Our communities are separated into silos; they are a collection of institutions and programs operating near one another but not over lapping or touching. This is important to understand because it is this divided-ness that makes it so difficult to create a more positive or alternative future - especially in a culture that is more interested in individuality and independence than in interdependence - the work is to overcome this fragmentation. -Peter Block, from Community the Structure of Belonging IMG_2632In my search for union, I am looking for ways in which I can truly find oneness, not sameness, and most definitely not separateness. I am looking for ways to touch others so that connection can flow through all of us. I would love to hear about ways that you have touches others or way others have touched you. Please .. share with me.

In Joy, Kat





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