Ingredients: Use all the organic, non-gmo, locally sourced things. The base of spinach with the addition of good fats, provides a slightly sweet and creamy smoothie. I'm of the mind that if it's good for me, I will put it into my system, but this .. is .. delicious*.

3-5 handfuls of spinach

1.5 cups nut milk

1 tsp spirilina

1 tbs collagen lipids

1 tbs plant based protein

1 tbs mct oil

1 tbs grass fed cow's butter

1 tbs seeds for the current cycle (see: seed cycling) 

1 tsp adaptogenic herbs: ie ashwaganda, maca, astragulus, chaga, reishi, etc. (see: adaptogens)

1 date (optional) 

3-5 ice cubes

Combine and buzz in a high powered blender. 

Makes approximately 32oz

Drink with your supplements and vitamins.

*If you are used to a sweet fruit based smoothie or a creamy chocolate shake, add a maple syrup to taste and gently use less overtime. Sugar is one of those things that causes a great deal of inflammation in my body leading to more intense emotions of irritation and anger, so with the exception of a treat or in season fruit, I've been slowly eliminating all suger from my diet.