I'm not sure what to say these days, writing is difficult. I let the difficulty stop me, but I don't want that to continue for much longer. Krishna Das, in this interview with my teacher Elena Brower said,

"If I didn't start chanting (i.e. sharing myself) with people, I would never clear our the dark corners of my life."

And, renowned yoga teacher Desiree Raumbaugh who's 18 year old son was murdered without cause while camping with his girlfriend is know for her openness and vulnerability to the great benefit of her students, said,

"For the first two years, I was in so much emotional pain that I couldn’t help but share it in my workshops. I shared my grief openly with my students and many of them thanked me for being an example of someone not afraid to be real and true to her feelings."

I may not be able to share as openly in my classes at the Y, because its all so new and I'm just trying to keep my head above water and be present. But, I can try to share openly here. Friends, I have to start somewhere. Though my heart breaks for my boy and the challenges that lie ahead, I know there will be tremendous value if I try .. try to share openly, try to share what I'm learning, and just write until I can give my heart what it wants .. and that's Joy, and I can give of myself, because that is what I am here to do.

Your encouragement, words, feedback, comments will mean so much to me.
I love you,