Over the last several days, and even hours, really, I've been curious about unraveling my own self. Really looking at the disconnect. For the longest time, I have been reconciling that I had not accepted, that I had been unwelcome to certain aspects of my self. Not compassionate, not kind. Last night, Nate said to me, "It's all part of your story."

So if it's all part of my story, then I can re-write it so that what didn't make sense can make more sense. I can change where it's going. 

I can write my own life. 

Or, maybe I can't, but I can design my own life. I can choose what to focus on. 

I don't pretend to believe that I'm in control of everything, but isn't it true that I can choose my choices? It's it true that I can feel my feelings? Isn't it true that I can have faith? I can listen. I can observe and I can engage; be engaged with the wonderous experience of being Human. With all of it's intracatices, intertwining, and interconnectedness. I can witness that magic unfolding.

I am curious.