Ok, this a super quick blog post, but I don't want to throw out ideas like "Living Soup" without a little bit about what it is. It's basically a warm, savory smoothie. You can use almost anything, blend it up with hot water and you are good to go, but you may not get a really good flavor - I find, no matter what, I can get them down because I know how good they are for my body, but try this .. It's tried a true. An important thing to remember, let your base be either green or red, but don't mix the two. Unless its chocolate, brown food never tastes that good. So ..

Base - Use your intuition, these are not exact measures
Zucchini 2 - chopped up
Avocado 1/2-1 - skinned and chopped
Greens - 1 big handful: arugula and dandelion greens are great, but they are bitter, spinach is milder, kale is great but chunky, broccoli is great and broccoli stems are mildly sweet
Spices - I love thai curry paste to keep it easy
1 Rapenzel veggie bullion cube (ads great flavor, but feel free to omit)
4 cups of boiling water (pour slowly so you don't crack your blender)

Squeeze some flax seeds oil, salt and pepper to taste
Enjoy with a spoon or straw.

Drink right away and make it fresh. If you must, it heats up beautifully, but heat is slow so you don't kill it! Warm up until it's hot to the touch.