Colder and darker the days become and will continue in this way until Winter Solstice, the Yule, the Return of the Light, the Birth of the King. These are the times to welcome the knowledge and felt sense, that we are not alone. To consider seeing things that we fear as protectors for us. 

Sometimes the things that we fear which reside in the dusty dark places act as protectors for us without our knowing. It is heartening to discover that things that go bump-in-the-night are sometimes the energies which are looking out for us. -Pixie Lighthorse

To consider the words, the experiences, and the stories of those that came before us and connect in ways that we have always done, in ways that live deep in our cells and our souls.

The work of the soul, soul-crafting is potent during this time. We are asked to reconcile, forgive and let go. With Nature bidding us to continue as the leaves fall and the winds blow and the night comes. Each day a little darker, yet not without light. The light being so much brighter against the backdrop of black. 

Now is the time to ground, to set ourselves in front of the fire, broths bubbling and invitations flowing to and from to connect, to share, and to give thanks.