Witnessed an interaction recently, where one was sobbing and unable to catch breath, terrified and absorbed and unable to dole out socially acceptable niceties. The other, approached with utmost respect and gentleness like Jane Goodall and her apes, nearing this wild creature and able to make a very slight connection, sitting down on the ground close, but without a touch of invasiveness. This approach and this connection softened the other, allowed a little bit of letting go and pulled this frightened creature out of fear and into presence and intelligence - awareness, calm. No longer holding on so tight for survival. This one saved the other, or rather created space, and just enough connection, to let the saving happen. 

We, human beings, have incredible sensitivity and deep, multi-leveled, multi-faceted, shimmering intelligence. We are hard-wired for connection. We know we aren't alone, but we do need reminding.