Heidi Thomas is a wonderful, beautiful and soulful woman full of life, love, and pure sweetness. I interviewed her about her photography business and passion Thomas and Velo, being a Mom, life, love and yoga! Heidi is someone that I admire very much for her genuine love of life. She went through a very special yoga teacher training with me when I was pregnant with Brendan and we have been connected ever since. Here is what she shared with me. Happy Mother's Day! Today also happens to be Heidi's birthday, so Happy Birthday Heidi! 935989_10151973437114598_535370863_n 543880_238695369620841_160894377_n 1459740_10152008066784598_803723569_n 9346_10151673192334598_318567005_n 574484_10150812089274598_1069435254_n

KS: Who are you? HT: I am a mom, wife, photographer, teacher, athlete, and lover of all things nature.

KS: Tell me about Thomas and Velo? HT: Thomas and Velo Photography: My best friend Andrea and I started Thomas and Velo Photography this past July when she got back from Scotland. It was her idea to go into business together and make the plunge right away. Thomas is my last name and Velo is her maiden name. We both have a huge love for photography. There is something about stopping life for a fraction of second that is beautiful. I truly love the sound of my shutter closing. It is my creative outlet. Andrea and I have so much fun together. We go on every shoot together and take turns behind the camera. Our favorite type of photography would be story telling. We love capturing people of all ages just doing what they do in life. Our least favorite... formal posed shots but they are part of photography and can still be creative and beautiful.

KS: How significantly has your life changed since having your little guy Sawyer? How has this inspired your work? HT: Ahhh, life after Sawyer. Let me just say, that I love being a mom. I wouldn't trade it in for the world. I look at him all the time and think, holy cow, we MADE him. Crazy...Life has changed some but not dramatically. We still do "things". We just have a tag along with us now and have to be home for nap time :). It's made us both slow down and be more busy. I hope to one day do photography as my only paid job so that I have more time with Sawyer. Photography is a great mommy job. I do know that I need to take more pictures of him with my professional camera! Having him has inspired me both in photography in my classroom. I think I am a more understanding person with the parents in my classroom and the families I photograph. I also understand the HUGE importance of taking pictures of children while they are young. I love taking pictures of kids playing.

KS: As a mother, teacher, wife, and friend, how do you take care of yourself, what are some of your self-care practices?   HT: I am super busy during the school year so taking care of myself is both important and hard. I still struggle to find a balance between family, work and myself. I want to do it all. I need sleep and exercise to feel like I've taken care of myself. I make sure I get to sleep around 10:00 and that I get some form of exercise each day. It usually consists of an early morning run or yoga class. I like getting it done while my family is sleeping. This way I don't feel like I am missing out on family time. I also meditate in the evenings after putting Sawyer down and before I edit photos :).

KS: What is your favorite food? HT: It's hard to pin down! Anything whole, organic, GMO free and healthy! My favorite junk food: chips... I love salt.

KS: What is your favorite book?  HT: That's also hard. I feel like all women should read, The Red Tent. I also really wish I had a red tent once a month.

KS: What is your favorite movie? HT: All romantic comedies. I love how easy they are to watch and knowing they almost always turn out happy. I also really enjoy watching documentaries.

KS: What music do you love? HT: Americana is my go to. I also love my "yoga" music. I blast it in the car and attempt to sing/chant in Sanskrit.

KS: Tell me about your style, personal and (photographic) professional? HT: I talked a little about my photography style earlier. I love candid, real life photography. Capturing small moments and small details. I love telling a story with my photographs and often imagine each shoot becoming a coffee table book!

KS: What do you love about your home? HT: I love that my home is comfortable and filled things that are either special or nice to look at. I love that we have a wood burning stove and a huge backyard to play in.

KS: You hava an amazing group of friends. What is something you all share? HT: My group of friends are amazing. We get along and get each other. We all have a love for adventures, good food, nature, yoga and generally anything fun!

KS: What are you currently obsessed with? HT: I am obsessed with Kinfolk Magazine. I love the photography, stories and recipes. I would love to photograph for them some day. I am also obsessed with other people's photography and food blogs.

KS: Are you in love? HT: I am so in love. I am in love with my husband beyond words. He amazes me daily and I feel so blessed to have him as my husband and Sawyer's daddy. I am also in love with Sawyer. Who knew love could be so deep it's crazy.

KS: What can't you live without? HT: My family, friends, good food, running and yoga. I am so grateful for my family, home, friends and life in general. I am blessed and happy.

KS: How does your yoga practice contribute to and play out on and off your mat? HT: Breath. Breathing, remaining present and calm. I think yoga has given me a different outlook on life and how I interact with people off the mat. On the mat, it is 100% a moving meditation and me time. I walk out of yoga will a full heart.