All for Love

Brendan right before his 6th bday.

Brendan right before his 6th bday.


It all started when...

I found myself with a brand new baby boy and stitches, lots of stitches. Giving birth to this beautiful boy by cesarean (after 12 drug-free hours of labor) taught me that I can not do it on my own and I began to learn the true value of vulnerability, authenticity, and the love and support of community. Back then, I co-directed Mandala Yoga Community and my life was devoted to cultivating the practice of yoga and the joy of community daily. I worked so hard, relying on and pushing my body to do so much. As I lay in bed, considering how I might get myself up and then to the bathroom, let alone feed this guy, it dawned on me - I needed help. I was raised to believe that I (on my own) could do anything. This simple isn't true. I had to learn how to ask for help.

With the news that Brendan had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - a "terminal disease" causing degenerative muscle weakness, I knew that I would need to learn a whole new way of asking for support and supporting.

The costs (financial, emotional, physical, spiritual) associated with this life experience will ask more of me than I can imagine.

I pray that I will learn how to be strong, kind, clear, loving, and generous in ways that I have not yet know and share this with my son, my family, and everyone we have the privilege of being in relationship with. I know that every tear is an offering.

And yet, who knows what magic is in store.

Help by donation

You may also send check/cash or other sweet things to:

Brendan Bettger
c/o The Bettgers
1875 Woodstock St., Oshkosh WI 54904
payable to Brendan Bettger

All donations will go directly into a fund for Brendan that will help with so many things, from medical expenses to an adapted home, there really are so many things.


spiritual direction with nate

We are grateful for your love, care, and support beyond measure. Deeply.