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An Interview with Elena Brower

An Interview with Elena Brower

I am so over the moon to share this next interview with you! Elena Brower is an elegant, artistic and authentic yoga teacher (my most favorite kind) out of NYC. She teaches very large classes is some of the most amazing art/culture institutions on Earth. She inspires me a lot lately as I move into a deeper understanding of my self through this sabbatical year. You can find Elena's classes on and you can learn more about her offerings and be inspired too via her beautiful site. Thank you Elena for honoring me with your time and answers.

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KS: Dear Elena,In the last year and a half I've been transitioning from a studio owner in Bend Or to a full-time mama of two boys/very part-time yoga teacher in Portland OR. To stay inspired I document my life via my blog, take photos and collect all sorts of things that inspire me both online (usual very early in the morning while it's quiet and I'm nursing!) and off through nature, books, music, style and my yoga practice. Your website/blog/Instagram is one place I go for inspiration. So thank you for that. A do a series I call An Interview With. I've interviewed a late night talk show host, a international women's organization founder, an artist, a photographer, a toy maker - all yoginis and up until now all local Bend women. Would you be willing to do me the incredible honor of answering some questions via email for my blog? With Love.
EB: sure! no promise on how fast i can return, but YES! and thanks for your sweetness, Kat... x

KS: You seem to always be or working to be connected to Spirit, how do you nurture this connection?
EB: I study a lot, I meditate daily, and I read so much poetry and books on the science of the body and the mind.

KS: What do you love to eat? What sorts of food have you found give you the most radiance?
EB: Kale, cruciferous vegetables and good lean clean protein.

KS: I love that your priority for self-care and self-love is so evident in your writing, musings, and teaching. What do you think is most important when practicing self-care?
EB: Remembering to really connect to myself by waking up early, staying close to my practices of yoga and meditation, taking super salty baths, and going slowly in the mornings.

KS: What do you love about being a mama?
EB: I love being a great example of equanimity for my son. It's been a really nourishing road for both of us, learning how to evolve a lot of negative patterns and coming to love and respect one another so much.

KS: Do you have any advice for new moms or moms of very young children?
EB: Always apologize when you aren't proud of your behavior. Seriously. Show them what a great apology looks like and how deep a connection can be when truth is present.

KS: What music do you love?
EB: I have to confess I love 70s rock and 80s alternative...But mostly i listen to everything ranging from ambient to classical.

KS: What is your favorite book?
EB: Just read Eve Ensler's In the Body of The World and it gave me such incredible perspective. I love anything about the science of the brain too.

KS: What is your favorite movie?
EB: Harold and Maude is the first one that comes to mind. What a sweetness.

KS: What is your favorite color? :-)
EB: Right now white or super light periwinkle blue.

KS: You have great personal style! Can you describe your personal style? Brands you dig?
EB: Elegant. For both yoga and real life, I wear alot of Lole, Hyde, 51inc., KiraGrace, Katerina Waldenstrom, Wellicious... these lines can go from mat to life gracefully.

KS: I love seeing your beautiful, simple, evocative pujas on instagram, how do you care for your home?
EB: I clean it myself and am always refocusing the altar spaces and creating new avenues for the flow of energy in my home.

KS: Who inspires you?
EB: Every person who comes to class. My son. My parents. My sister. My teachers.

KS: What are you really excited about right now?
EB: On Meditation, a film i'm helping produce, and my audio meditation course that I'm recording now for release in fall 2014.

KS: What are you currently obsessed with?
EB: Writing poetry.

KS: How does your yoga practice show up and influence your life on and off the mat?
EB: It's teaching me how to stay steady, be consistently patient and happy, and a great mom.

KS: How important do you think Art is in teaching and practicing yoga?
EB: Art is everything. If you're teaching, and you can locate your art in what you're doing (whether it's poetry, your interpretation of ancient teachings or your take on science), your work will always keep you inspired and attuned.