How many times have you wanted to do something but just couldn’t? What is that? It happens to me all the time and I wonder what that block is, what psychological disorder causes me to not do something … is it ego resistance, is it childhood wounding, is it simple fear? Well, I’ve been pondering this lately. I set my alarm to drink water, the alarm goes off, I see it and then I sit there, I hesitate. I think it’s habit and we all know that habits are hard to break and have a hold on our behavior. Troubling for me is the fact that I will criticize myself. Is that the reward, I get to feed to little sado-masocistic devil in my psyche that likes to beat me into a way of being thats is so far beneath what I am capable of. What is that? Something to be explored in therapy for sure - not here for all to judge. But really, your judgment of me in nothing compared to that little devil. So … I have made it my mission to act. To act on my intuitive promptings and trust myself. Because equally as powerful as that little devil is the Soul. My Soul is urging follow thru. To listen. To create habits that are so strong that I become unstoppable, so confident and clear that the little devil disappears from top of mind. It’s cool, I don’t mind that little devil most times - I can always put to that little devil to work on the bathrooms. I know we can’t banish all the bits and pieces of ourselves that cause us trouble. I know that we must see, honor, integrate. Get it up and out in the open and everything shifts. See first, feel first, let go first, breathe first, then .. create the habit that causes the actions to move you forward. Consistently, daily, habitually.