I am writing from a place of deep vulnerability and I wonder if it will come through? I can see and feel the sense the molecules of existence in my kitchen, the life left here by my boys, in their vibrancy and expansiveness, their cries and screams and laughter and smiles and all of the morning madness lingers. Life is so precious - our existence is such a miracle and the fact that we are - or can be aware of it all makes it even more so. I had waited for this time, these few hours a week where they are all out and I am here, with the space to work and consider - where my highest point of contribution lies. Gone are the feelings of wanting time to myself. My first desire now is to make the best use of our time together. To be - to really be - as present and as softly receptive as possible. The tears stream down and I bow my head in humility and recognition of all that is. I wrap my arms around my little self and let the awareness flood my consciousness. 

The only question to consider ... what will I do with my One Wild and Precious Life?