June New Moon

June New Moon

Image: Pixie Lightshorse’s e-newletter

July 2 2019 2:16PM CENTRAL : CANCER

Enjoy these potent words and musing from Pixie Lighthorse. I may share in an upcoming post.

You can download this and other worksheets via this link + download this worksheet for your own contemplations.


This work takes place at the heart level, and Snake medicine is centered at the base of the spine/sacral chakra. When we transmit intelligence, we think of what happens at the level of the mind. This is good and right, and yet, when we bring our wisdoms into the heart, we open up a whole new realm of possibilities. Try to “listen” with your heart, as well as your mind. Your mind will break it down, and help you make sense, but shifts in the heart will transmute old patterning and affect real change going forward. Injuries, cultural, and personal, root in the heart’s memory, and so it is at this level that we must do the healing once we have dialoged with the serpentine vibrations at lower levels.

Can you recreate the devotion to yourself, which you are learning to do in the dark?
What are the differences? More/less distractions?
What tricks do you play on yourself, if any, during the day? During the night?
What coping mechanisms are you still relying on?
If you are one who seeks to “take the edge off” of transitions, how is that evolving/not evolving?
What are the benefits of taking silent time for you?
What are you learning about yourself within this transition?
How are you beginning to see and understand yourself?
What within you is craving healing? What is craving to be released?
What surprising elements are you shedding?
Who are you within life transitions?
Who are you when you are at your spiritual best?
How can you remain in good relationship with the sacred masculine, while reclaiming what has been lost of the sacred feminine?
What have you already done to return to a state of homeostasis in yourself and your family?
What would you like to do to continue on your path of self-healing, of honoring your innate gifts?
Are your formerly resented scars from a surgery, childbirth, or a C-section emphasized with makeup, henna, or tattoos?
Do you have a symbolic piece of jewelry or clothing you can put on to represent what has been received in this transformation?
What inspires you most about your process?
What are you most enjoying? Finding challenging?

+ my personal notes from mysticmamma.com and spiritdaughter.com - ideas, phrases that resonate and stand out for me with this New Moon Shift. Please see sites for full posts.

+ See some of my practices to create space for reflection, contemplation, rest, recovery here.


Yesterday was a tough day, two little boys, lots of creative chaos, mess. Anger, aka The Red Dragon got a hold of my sweet patient but undernourished and tired mama heart and escalated from there. For me, its like the gas got turned on and then there was a spark and boom. We all have our triggers and we all react to these triggers in different ways. I, being an enneagram Type 1 - Perfectionist am prone to anger. Anger, like most of my emotions are powerful and when I’m anything other than balanced, I am vulnerable to lack of restraint. For the positive emotions, this is a beautiful thing, but for the negative emotions - let me say that they provide me with myriad opportunity for evolution. So for the last two days, tears of powerlessness and hopelessness have flowed, my stomach hurts, I sprained my wrist last week trying to push B’s chair up a big grass hill after I fell down the stairs at home, and I am gaining weight beyond what it comfortable. Why am i sharing all of these, well, this is my blog - I may share what ever I wish. And with these physical discomforts I have also received old memories and dreams of past mistakes - it seems that I will be undertaking the work of forgiveness during this moon cycle shift.


  • The Great Mother, Mother Elder Wise One - nurturing the child within

  • sensitivities are opened

  • tender

  • Mercury Retrograde: July 7-31 - be mindful of how you self-express + rise in maturity, think twice about how you express yourself - speaking words in haste or anger are best left unsaid right now. Consequences of unguarded expression will be significant. Balanced communications vital - what may seem obvious to us may be inaccessible to others.

  • play + yield to Lightness of Being

  • take self less seriously

  • Eclipse portals - a powerful time for transition + change

  • What needs to be left behind?

  • There is a fire present - yield it wisely!

  • Speaking personal truth needs to be balanced with awareness of others

  • It can be easy to default to patterns - this eclipse is a massive calling towards a new path

  • sensitive, dynamic bringing emotional healing

  • insight as to how to change internal dynamics

  • “May bring the final healing needed to overcome a well-established pattern of emotional self-sabotage (amen!), but we must be prepared to do our part and acknowledge without candor, how we generate our own suffering - self-awareness is key and any feelings we choose to deny will continue to sabotage us.”

    As the cover of my dear friend and author Laura Devries upcoming book notes:

    You are stronger, braver and wiser than you think.


setting intentions
new beginnings
blank page/fresh start
planting seeds
unlimited possibility

June  Full Moon

June Full Moon

Image: moonandtrees on tumblr


My personal notes from mysticmamma.com and spiritdaughter.com - ideas, phrases that resonate and stand out for me with this Full Moon Shift. Please see sites for full posts.

See some of my practices to create space for reflection, contemplation, rest, recovery here.

Personal snapshot

My mind has calmed to a space of gentleness, receptivity and listening. Currently I am graced with a period of much less internal chatter and far less loud negative internal loop. Through therapy, deep work, grieving, reckoning, rest, recovery, consistency, reaching out, sharing, authenticity and the words of some illuminated women (and men …, but mostly women) this grace has been hard won and eagerly received. Grateful to all who’ve walk by my side (and have supported my family) these last two years.

Side Note: not soon after I wrote these words down, old patterns of irritation + anger arose. I think, as this is true for me, that I/we are always in process - changing shape with each cycle and given opportunity upon opportunity to forgive, start fresh, and grow.


  • Solstice will magnify potency of this cycle

  • time to expand + open mind to opportunities

  • adaption

  • ground dreams in truth

  • distillation

  • Higher Realms, Higher Wisdom, Higher Consciousness, Higher Self, Higher Understanding, Higher Heart, Higher Love

  • Magic

  • give time to tune into subtlety

  • give time to be intimate with emotions - honoring vulnerability + neediness

  • be aware of where and how you are checking out instead of checking in

  • what in the past needs to be completed/released - the unresolved will arrise

  • allow fire to burn away judgment + fuel a sense of adventure

  • take action from a place of maturity - respond (not react)

  • work to embody (where the soul resides) + watch for excess thinking

  • meditate - pay attention to the inner realms

  • presence

  • there are cycles within cycles that cannot be rushed

  • leverage, momentum

The humility. This is our humus you know, Earth. And to become truly human, we open to the Divine. And this of course leads me to the next point, which is that, in that opening, LOVE comes in. Thats is the wounding where (the) God enters.

We are used to being criticized, we are used to being judged. And to have our hearts broken open through Love, to become a part of everyone else, to open to that cherishing, simply demolishes power.” - Marion Woodman

The Full Moon, I think, is time for considering:
releasing and celebrating
harvesting endevors
peak energy
joy + gratitude

Summer School with Mommy

Summer School with Mommy

The transition from any quiet hours (in my case 2.5 per day) to no quiet hours is a rough one. One solution is sit my boys in front of a screen, but we’ve found that this makes them nuts when the screen is switched off or when we say no to shows. They go into withdrawal and the addiction is real. So, we decided to allow shows for an hour on Saturday am only + Family Movie Night on Friday and occasionally we go to the movies on $5 Tuesdays. There are exceptions, but this is what we are committed to. The other solution i came up with is what I call, Summer School with Mommy. This is as much for me to give us structure as it is for the boys. It makes for relaxed and precious summer days with my little ones while they are still little. The following is a fluid guideline.


Morning Meeting + Meditation
Learning + Activity [Subject: ]
10am Snack + Manners
10:30am Adventure [ ]
12pm Picnic Lunch
1pm Rest + Downtime
3pm Play in the Garden + Unstructured Play time
6pm Dinner
8pm Bedtime


We use creativity and learn via books, podcast, experience, and conversation - incorporating math, ready, writing, etc. We literary make it up as we go and choose subjects at random giving priority to fun, spaciousness, and spontaneity. We stay on each subject as long as it’s interesting (anywhere from a day to a few weeks).

I also add in the basics: reading, writing, math via workbooks and guidelines from the school district.


Book: Rosie Revere the Engineer
Activity: Design and Build
Podcast: This You Should Now - Bridges Abhore Nature
Adventure: Visiting the bridges of Oshkosh and learning about the parts of a bridge


Book: Iggy Peck the Architect
Activity: Draw + Design


Book: Ada Twist Scientist


Build + Make anything using found materials


Amphibians - Read from Explanatorium of Nature
Activity: Find a Frog + Paint an Amphibian


*I plan to update this post as the summer goes on, so come on back if you want to see what we are getting up to or see my stories on Instagram

June New Moon

June New Moon

Image: spiritdaughter.com

June 3 2019 6:02am Central : sagittarius

My personal notes from mysticmamma.com and spiritdaughter.com - ideas, phrases that resonate and stand out for me with this New Moon Shift. Please see site for full posts.

See some of my practices to create space for reflection, contemplation, rest, recovery here.

Personally, I am becoming increasingly overwhelmed by noise - noise that has the potential to take the power I hold internally away from me. And, I have become fiercely protective of that internal space. I crave quiet, silence and solitude. So many experiences as designed to wow us, to overwhelm us and I’m feeling a desire for underwhelm + peaceful internal space that can’t be messed with. For now though, I am sensitive - increasingly so.

multifaceted moving expanding nebulous parts

overwhelm to senses + nervous system

grounding + discernment

mental stimulation, learning, communication + connection

creating deep structure + stability

adaptability, keeping up + learning to cope with both excitement + exhaustion

sanctuary + inner temple

time to think + giving space for intuition and to do the work of discernment to determine what is real.

long but scattered chats + difficulty making decisions

The Sabian symbol of this New Moon is : A Famous Pianist Giving A Concert Performance

Despite the issues, there is an element of brilliance with this degree. To give a virtuoso performance, however, takes hours and hours of practice. The chances of hitting a bum note are high if we go out there and wing it. 

We need to keep our rhythm, know our part, be willing to slow or staccato as instructed. The more prepared and flexible we are, the better the chance we will make a success of any endeavor seeded at this New Moon. -Leah Whitehorse

Speaking to something we are losing/grieving that is part of our destiny and evolution. For me, again personally, this is quite clear as I met extensively with our family’s genetic counselor - learning about B’s very unique gene mutation (there are only 4 others in the entire database) . The losses we (and I am speaking specially about my family) experience are very much a part of our destiny and evolution + a future that we can not predict. This moves me towards deeper and - per this cycle - expansive (emotional) intimacy.

cause + collective commitment

what were we committed to + what we are no longer committed to and ready to leave behind

experience + reality - physically, emotionally

Keeping the above close by as I move in this phase of the cycle.

Keeping the above close by as I move through this cycle
Listening, quieting, protecting, seeing what’s real
Intimacy, expansion, intuition
Releasing + recommiting



I want to tell my story. I want to share who I am, who I’ve been, who I’m becoming with you. I want to take a story that is complex, confusing, heart breaking, crooked, hilarious, strange and have it make sense, to flow, to move you. I want to share the wisdom, the missteps, the inspiration, the people, the places - the world I have seen - what I see.

In my yoga classes, in every one, I have at least one person who is taking a yoga class for the first time, an athletic person, a person with an injury, or many, a person young in years, a person older, a person thinking (or saying out loud) I can’t do this, I don’t want to be here. Someone comes late or leaves early or walks in and asks if this is kickboxing. A person who’s wondering if they are doing it right and one having their own experience completely unrelated to the cueing I am giving. I have the privilege of navigating all of this while I speak, move and read the room, looking for subtle cues and listening to what wants to come through me. I am both in control and completly not it control. I live in the tension between these two places.

I suppose this a very vulnerable place to live. Yet, when I teach, I feel alive. I feel all the insecurities of being human and all the magic of feeling connected to the Bigger Experience. Its joy inducing and terrifying and I love it. I learn, I practice, I try to apply and I have to trust the frustrating process of things happening in their own time. After years of teaching yoga, after years of mothering, what I can say is that perfection isn’t the direction I’m heading. In fact, I am not fully clear - today, what direction I am heading. If I’m improving or not. Or if that even matters anymore. What’s left when self-betterment is taken off the table, but the acceptance of what is. Gratitude for each realization. The strength that comes from vulnerability. And possibly Joy.