After over 17 years of practice and a 11 + years of teaching, there are a few things that I can emphatically recommend, they are :

Manduka Yoga Mats : I have had my ProMat Black for ever, it will last
Beyond Yoga : stylish, soft, and they stand up to repeated forward bends, they have a men's line too
Onzie : I just discovered this brand at Balance Oshkosh and I am in love - comfortable, fun, structurally sound and thin - they make a perfect base layer for the cold months
Angelina Skin Care : a local Bend OR natural skin care line made with ayurvedic and yogic intention, the best.
+ Banyan Botanicals
Moon Juice : just so pretty, to expand consciousness

Supporting local business is important to me. There is a wealth of experience and passion in those who take risks in creating business. Here are a few local Oshkosh businesses that I love :

Inner Sun Yoga Studio : fun, flowing, high-flying, bhakti yoga
Embody Yoga and Pilates : hot yoga and pilates studio- a clear bright space downtown
Balance Oshkosh : great yoga clothes, plus an awesome kids play area so you can shop blissfully
Bartelt Acupuncture : Regular acupuncture is essential to me.  Megan is so sweet and a mama of two little ones and one big one.
Jenny Shufelt Coaching : I adore Jenny. She is revolutionizing how we view perfection in ways that are empowering, validating and real.
Liz Anderson : @Salon Mode for facials, seriously, wow.
Oshkosh Food Coop : become a member!
Growing Oshkosh Urban Farm : this is a non-profit doing amazing things in our schools and community. Do support.
Olden Organics : our CSA

My teachers are everywhere and I am constantly being fed by their wisdom and practice. My most influential teachers currently are:
Elena Brower
Pixie Lighthorse

Cate Stillman
And without Shiva Rea I would have never connected to my deepest essence and left my shell.

Books and Other Resources
Prayers of Honoring
Prayers of Honoring Voice
Boundaries and Protection
Practice You
The Art of Attention
The Art of Attention Healing Cards
Body Thrive
The Secrets of the Yoga Sutras
The Radiance Sutras
Becoming Wise

with Elena Brower
Art of Attention Audio Meditation Course
Cultivating Spiritual Intelligence Audio Meditation Course

with Cate Stillman
Body Thrive
Yogi Detox
Eat Green Challenge

with Pixie Lighthorse
Intention Setting
Honoring Community and Belonging
Honoring Dreams and Messangers
Creative Courage
Manifesting Abundance
Raising Kings
Strength and Vulnerability
Honoring Psychic Abilities
Goldmining the Shadows
Sacred Voice
Nurture and Healing
Honoring Grief
Nurture as Medicine
Sacred Feminine Meets Sacred Masculine
Abundance with Integrity
Support for the Feminine
Reclaiming Joy
Exploring Higher Vision
Re-establishment of Value
Protecting the Intelligent Sensitivites
Releasing and Transformation
Forgiveness and Self-Love
Protection in the Underworld
Transportation Beyond Self-Imposed Limits

The Essential Life
Emotions and Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing
The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing

My Father's Daughter
It's All Good
It's All Easy
The Moon Juice Cookbook
Kinfolk Table