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I created this compilation for pre-natal, but it's also a great restorative or gentle flow playlist.


I am just a Yoga teacher.

I am just a Yoga teacher.


A beautiful and poignant article by a seasoned yoga teacher and mama, Amy Cushing. Pinterest-ReverseAnjali

I arrive early and roll out my mat.

I greet wide-eyed new students with a smile and laugh with those who return week after week.

I don’t wear Lululemon or Donna Karan sweat pants or own a Manduka mat. Not that I would mind, there’s simply no room for expensive style in our family budget.

I do still treasure my eight-year-old Be Present crops adorned with an embroidered pink orchid. Those are quality. They were purchased when being carefree was more the way of life.

I am not skinny or incredibly bendy and I cannot float from crow to handstand to plank. But I can do each individually, slowly and mindfully, and can show you how to improve your own practice.

Is that a fat roll you see as I demonstrate parsvakonasana? Yes. Maybe two, in fact; a product of carrying two babies and having little time for myself these days. I’ll work on finding a washboard ab or two once the kids don’t need me so much. I’m OK with it. Are you?

And wrinkles? No those aren’t wrinkles, they’re imprints of a life lived.

I could care less about your pedicure. My own 10-minute home pedi isn’t the best either. I’m more interested in the position of your foot.

I note your shoulder scar, your curved spine, your swollen knee—not to judge your appearance, but to give you a safe practice.

I may see and hear things that are personal. And they will stay that way.

Some days I may look a bit tired, likely from being up all night with one of my children or trying to fit 30 hours into a 24-hour day. Please, bear with me. I have arrived to give my best and I will do just that.

I may laugh at my fumbled words or missteps; it is part of who I am.

I can help you feel a little better, breathe a little easier and guide you toward a meditation practice, but I won’t promote a guru.

I don’t have a guru. I don’t want a guru.

But I have great teachers who have inspired me on my path. I hold them close to my heart and they are a part of the practice I share with you.

Despite a decade of practice, my yoga journey is a continuing lesson. Each day I learn more of the wisdom that surrounds it. I will do my best to always be a student as well as a teacher.

I am just a yoga teacher who teaches at the local studio up the street.

I may not be cover model flawless or the vision of yoga teacher perfection, but I am a teacher.

And that’s perfect enough for me.

 Source: Elephant Journal article written by Amy Cushing Posted on Facebook by Portland Yoga Teacher Sarah Robinette 

Playlists: April 2013


April 25, 2013 Noosa - Sail Hannah Georgas - Fantasize Blond Redhead - My Plants are Dead Still Corners - The White Season Intimate Stranger - El Horizonte Burning Hearts - Deep Waters Savoir Adore - Empire of Light Dane Buoy - So Lucky sami.the.great - Dresser Drawer Citizens! - Love you More Pure Bathing Culture - Ivory Coast

April 23, 2013 Holocene - Bon Hiver Hatoa - Bonobo Satyam Shivam Sundaram - Thievery Corporation The Spice - Random Rab Jewel of Now - Random Rab Wonderwall - Ryan Adams Cicadas and Gulls - Feist Nectar Drop - DJ Drez Grandmothershpere - East Forest Mandalam  - Nadaka Shanti - MC Yogi

April 21, 2013 Three Aums - Nada Sadhan Guru Mantra - DJ Drez The Spice - Random Rab Being with Yoga - Baharamji & Mashi Shri - DJ Drez Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine See the Rain - Rocket Empire Mangalam - Dakini Lounge Hondo - Momoswezi Hatoa - Bonobo Hanna's Theme - Chemical Brothers Kiara - Bonobo Walk in the Sky - Bonobo Nightlitel - Bonobo Dragon Mudra - DJ Drez Whisper of our Ancestors - Liquid Bloom Breathing Out - Shaman's Dream

You can find playlists of mine on Let me know if you like the tracks, I'm happy to share.