progress1978810_613024018766883_1034525429_n8_roosteril_570xN.332716102 photo by Sarah G Gilliam

KS: Kaycee! I'm so loving looking at your calendar everyday at my desk! I can't believe it's the end of March already. Your art - in life and through your tangible pieces - is so wonderful. I love reading about what you are doing via art (appropriately) amiss and etsy and seeing your beautiful images on instagram and  Plus the Night Light Show! and The Gold Rust! You have been so special to me every since I first met you as a resident artist at Poethouse and then through yoga classes and teacher training at MYC. I miss getting hugs from you at Lone Pine. KS: What do you love most right now? KA: I really love finding things to be amazed by. Finding things to be joyful about - whether that is the changing landscape, or the dry wit of my friends, or a yummy dinner. So, basically, life.

KS: What excites you? KA: The change of the seasons, and ideas of what to work on next.

KS: What is your favorite movie? KA: Frida when I'm feeling happy, and Dancer in the Dark when I need a good cry,

KS: What is your favorite book? KA: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'engle. I have to read it every five years or so. I believe children's books hold the secrets to the universe. I also adore anything by Neil Gaiman and Anais Nin.

KS: What music do you love? KA: Anything I can harmonize with but especially red headed ladies (Neko Case, Patty Griffin, Tori Amos, Florence Welch)

*BTW Kaycee and her band mate Casey - aka the band The Gold Rust are recording an album this week!

KS: What is your favorite color? KA: Peacock blue.

KS: Where do you find inspiration? KA: The Deschuttes River, conversations with Cascadians and fellow artists, and Savasana

KS: How and where do you conceive your collages and creations? KA: Savasana. But for real, That's a really hard question.  I almost feel like they already exist and I just pull them into being from the future. My sketchbook is always with me and often a word or phrase or doodle will spark an idea that sparks another and another.

KS: You are also a signer and a writer! Where does that creative energy come from? How do you nurture creativity? KA: I think the creative energy comes from loving life, from trying to keep myself healthy and entertained. There are few things that my soul loves more than creative expression. It's as much a part of my life as breathing or stretching or smiling. I have wondered where it comes from, and I can't figure it out but I sure am thankful.

KS: You live in an airstream. What is that like? KA: I love it. It requires a lot of intention, and is reaffirming what my priorities are. Only room for favorite things. Right now I don't have running water so I have to fill up jugs and heat water in a tea kettle to do dishes. It is a surprisingly soothing process. Waking up in the morning to the sun coming through the huge curved windows and glinting off the aluminum is priceless.

KS: What is really really really important to you? KA: Living like a river otter.

KS: Are you in love? KA: For sure, always.

KS: How does your yoga practice play out in your life? What do you love about yoga? KA: Yoga has taught me to witness what is happening as it happens. It's the process of un-numbing for me. It's helped me identify and accept my inner brat and my inner Lara Croft and learn from both of them. And the people I've met through my practice are pretty fabulous.