I have been finding so many wonderful things lately! All that I have found and gathered has inspired a whole mess of new blog posts which I will be rolling out soon. In the mean time, here is a small (small) sampling of what I found this week, and last. Enjoy! imageOh Martha Stewart you crazy beautiful b*%#h. Why is everything you make and do so perfect? I can always trust that if I follow one of your recipes it will turn out just perfectly. As I am so very sure that you are a perfectionist, I pray that you also have some fun! I sure did while making and enjoying your recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies and Vanilla Tea Cake from Martha Stewart Living.

380843_10150395554482982_256676463_nMy dear friend Sonja and her wonderful husband Todd have been doing to awesome personal work. I love it when we dive deeper into our own selves! She sent me a values questionnaire which I will be answering soon.

Messy-PlayBrendan is now 2 years and 7 month old, what!? He is so full of Coyote energy, always getting into trouble and being very creative in his play. Nate found this article on messy play. We are going to get messy, on purpose, soon.

b139581d4dd464ceb0e99345bc4c344eAyurveda is clear in its care for breast feeding mamas. I have been doing my best to incorporate these suggestions into the mix.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xap-K_N7OoQ&w=560&h=315]

Intuos creative stylus. I really want one!

KinfolkHoliday-Web-18A Daily Something blog so lovely and kinfolk-esque. Rebecca's blog is becoming one of my favorites - I have definitely added it to my collection. Thanks Rebecca!

828ab3f627094473d9b85ee9436256e9European design blogs like Fantastic Frank (how cool is that name?). Some are out of my league style wise, but I love. Some favorite theme findings I am seeing: soft greys, white, the ocean, natural light, splashes of color, natural elements and of course, Kinfolk.

lLattes. I've been having a really strong craving for lattes. Nate's new coffee making geek-ery tools. New bowls from anthropologie, a desire for a vacation in France?

37d065491c3a8d2a869ac9336414f81eMadwell brand clothing specifically the oversized shirt look. Oh comfortable clothing, I swoon for you.