blowdry-1A Lazy (aka BusyMama) Girls Guide to Heat Styling from Refinery29.comI think I'm going to go shopping for some new heat styling tools - mine are broken.

16Bleubird Blog a really lovely blog on style, family life, and weekly cake.

imageLearning about Bow-hunting. Perhaps its because I am currently reading Hunger Games and I think Katniss is cool, but bow-hunting is something that Nate and I are getting excited about. Bow-hunting? Yes, it's survival skill and it's the skill that intrigues me. Something we can do with the boys that gets us outside and intimate with Nature. Plus, in the case of a zombie apocalypse (or a reaping) you want to have some skills. A great article from one of Nate's favorite sites, the Art of Manliness

[wpvideo 6dmiQg2b] More from Nate, this article on the Family Meeting based on the book The Secret to Happy Families which we have in our library. Here Owen is about a week old and Brendan two and a half. We LOVE the Family Meeting (and dancing and coffee shops)at our house.

Screen-Shot-2014-01-22-at-10.08.11-AM-880x883I love Brene Brown. Her work has truly given voice and inspiration to the deep longings of my soul for a life well-lived. Through the Daring Interview Series, I found out about Jennifer Louden's The Life Organizer and I now subscribe to the weekly emails. It has been a excellent way for me to sit and listen.

d29b5218d2fe0a3c153e2471a11b03c6What have I been pinning? Check it out.