fallOur challenge is almost half complete so here's a little reflection. Well, first, I have been on Facebook and the internet too much and I am about to go offline for at least a week. The stillness and spaciousness in my mind is outpouring to get me offline, but has fueled my wanting to connect with people face-to-face. My relationship with Nate reached a lovely balance point, calm, happy, loving (our relationship is always some level of these qualities, but it feels different in a really excellent way). My emotions have calmed. It feels like after the first several days of deep meditation and internal work, there is now a rhythm and eb and flow with the internal Presence of who I am. I love to listen and be guided into meditation by a teacher, whether live or on yogaglo.com or via a book or an inspirational article on Facebook. But, I am also enjoying the easy place meditation has in my life. I am enjoying the quiet.

I am eager to hear your reflections … when I get back online next week.

Love, Kat